Are you buying or selling residential, commercial or industrial real estate? Psarros & Allen will independently work with you to ensure your settlement is completed in accordance with the terms of the contract and your instructions.

Need to purchase a property in the name of a Trust, Superannuation Fund, or other legal entity.  Psarros & Allen will ensure your purchasing entity fits in with your financial and personal circumstances with the involvement of your accountant or lawyer.

Prior to entering into a contract or any property related transaction, it is important that you obtain independent advice, that is having your own independent conveyancer.  Psarros & Allen will assist you in your negotiations, in drafting of special conditions and advising you of your rights and obligations.


Psarros & Allen are the leaders in the industry for their knowledge, skill, and capacity to be involved in all areas of divisions.

Land Division refers to the:

  • allignment of Title boundaries to land
  • division of land into two or more allotments
  • large scale developments into numerous allotments

by either Torrens Title, Community Title or Community Strata Title.

Psarros & Allen specialises in all divisions and related documentation, including:

  • Torrens Titles
  • Community Titles, we ensure that your obligations are discharged as the developer under the Community Titles Act and prepare the required documents:
    • By Laws
    • Scheme Description
    • Development Contracts
  • Amendments to an existing Strata scheme
  • Cancellation of a Strata scheme and conversion to a Torrens Title scheme or Community Title scheme
  • Grant of Easements, including extinguishing and varying easements

We will refer and liaise with other professionals that are involved to finalise the land division process for you, namely the Surveyor, Council, Development Assessment Commission and Valuer.


Psarros & Allen specialise in preparation of commercial lease documentation, and work closely with some of South Australia’s biggest commercial leasing agents.

Psarros & Allen have the skill and knowledge to be involved in the initial negotiations relating to the lease, and the preparation of the lease documentation including the preparation of Disclosure Statements required under the Retail & Commercial Leases Act 1995.

We prepare leases for retail shopping complexes, whether small or large, free standing shops, and offices or warehouses.

We also advise prospective tenants on a lease, prior to acceptance of the lease, and occupation of the premises. It is important to receive thorough, professional advice relating to your rights, and obligations at the negotiation stage, and to understand the obligations under the lease.


If you intend to buy or sell a business Psarros & Allen can help you.

We can assist in the preparation of business contracts, and vetting of contracts prepared by other Conveyancers, or business Agents.

A business settlement involves the transfer of a lease and business name, amongst several other things. You should seek advice as to the terms of the lease, whether a better lease can be negotiated, and give consideration as to the liabilities which may relate to staff which will be retained after settlement. There is also the question of the purchase of stock to be considered?

When transferring a business, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of transferring real property, dealing with leases, bills of sale, and other charges which may affect you individually or be a charge on the land. We have the know how and experience to deal with all facets of a business settlement.


Psarros & Allen can advise and assist you in relation to your purchase of real estate, whether commercial or residential real estate or buying and or selling of a business.

Prior to signing any contract, and in particular prior to expiration of any cooling off period, it is wise to obtain advice from an experienced and independent Conveyancer.

We will assist you in understanding the process of buying and selling and can advise you in relation to the Form 1 and cooling off process, special conditions, and help you avoid any pit falls that may be against your best interest.

If you are purchasing a Strata Title, Community Title or Moiety/Company Title, it is important to be aware of the rules and regulations relating to the scheme, the maintenance obligations and whether there are any future matters which may affect your decision as to whether you should purchase in the group.


As Conveyancers we are qualified, and able to prepare mortgage documents, loan agreements, and bills of sale over plant and equipment of a business.

Whether you have private funds to lend regularly, and require a registered mortgage over a property; or are simply lending someone an amount of money which you require security for.

Bills of Sale may be granted over plant and equipment by a Vendor providing Vendor finance, or financial institution to a purchaser of a business, over the plant and equipment, and possibly stock in hand of the business.


If you intend to sell your house privately, or land whether residential, commercial, or rural, we can prepare the Contract and Form 1 “cooling off notice ( required under Section 7 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994)” for the sale and or purchase of your property.

Psarros & Allen will advise you on what is legally required to sell your property, and assist in the transaction from preparation of contracts, through until the settlement date.

If you require expert advice on contractual arrangements, special conditions and or obligations imposed on the parties, contact us.